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Our Student Homes scheme is set up not only to benefit students, but also to benefit property owners. Student Homes is a leasing scheme whereby the University of London becomes the tenant of property owner's in a head lease agreement. Student Homes then sublet the properties to our full time students. In a nutshell, for the student their landlord is us and for you we are your tenant.

  • After a successful first year, we now offer our students over 220 bed spaces, with 45 landlords signed up to the scheme
  • We are aiming to substantially increase the number of managed properties we are able to offer our students
  • We are looking for good quality housing in Camden, Islington, Southwark, Westminster, Lambeth, Lewisham, Haringey and Brent
  • We will guarantee the rent for 51 week tenancies
  • Properties will be returned in the same condition as we receive them 
  • Tenancies to commence September


How it works


student homes rent guarantee

Student Homes conduct termly inspections of all properties. After each inspection, you'll receive a report from the Property Manager who is responsible for looking after your property. We'll let you know who will be taking the lead in terms of the management of your property prior to the first tenancy beginning.

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We offer a rent guarantee for the full term of the contract. If the student sub-tenant defaults on their rent, we will still pay you in full. If the student sub-tenant causes damage to the property we will ensure it is addressed for you. You get guaranteed rent for 51 weeks and will have the property returned to you in the same condition as we receive it at the start of the tenancy, less fair wear-and-tear.







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