renting to students:
Everything you need to know

Discover all you need to know about renting to students in London - from why students make great tenants to how
University of London House Services can help you


The University of London Housing Services is the largest student housing office in London catering to over 130,000 students studying at Colleges across London, including UCL, King's and LSE.  A full list of all the Colleges and Universities that subscribe to our service can be found here.

As a landlord you may not have previously considered students as a potential target market.

With the potential problems of continuing to rent to housing benefit tenants and the job insecurity affecting young professionals, students are likely to become the most reliable of markets available to landlords in London.

Most UK students will be able to offer landlords parental guarantors to guarantee their rents. There are even some Colleges that will offer to act as Guarantor, provided that the landlord is a registered University of London Landlord.

One of the roles of the University of London Housing Services is to run a registration scheme for landlords that wish to advertise to students.

In order to register, landlords need to sign a Code of Good Practice, pay a nominal registration fee and provide details of their Gas Safety certificates. In return, we will advertise your properties through our searchable online database.

Students prioritise landlords on our database, above those found through other mediums, as they know that we offer a measure of quality control over the offers.

In a recent survey of our registered landlords, 98% said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with our service and the same number of landlords said that they would recommend our registration scheme to other landlords.

If you would like to discuss renting to students, please contact us for further details or visit our website.